March 5, 2013

Fab Find of the Day: Neon Wood Housewares from Nicole Porter

Nicole Porter

While doing my usual online browsing, I came across the most gorgeous wood housewares from New York-based designer Nicole Porter. The neon stripes she uses on her wood bowls and platters really grab your attention and the design kind of reminds me of my beloved Claire Vivier clutch (I have the one with the green stripe). Just coming off of exhibiting her line at the New York International Gift Fair, Nicole was kind enough to give me a few minutes of her time to chat about her work and inspiration. Enjoy pieces of our conversation!

Decor Musings: How did you come to launch your home collection?

Nicole Porter: My mother had so many napkins at her house and I thought it would be great to design platters to go with them. I put photos of them on my website and wounded up getting a large response. My housewares are for tables with a bit of personality. It's definitely fun and great for a party. 

DM: What's your decorating style?

NP: I’m into mid-century modern: very smooth lines, very clean
edges, not overly ornate. There is a lot about that time period that allows you to put your own spin on it.

DM: Can you share about some of your favorite home furnishings shops?

NP: I am the unofficial tour guide of ABC Carpet & Home. It’s beautiful because it’s art and design all in the same place. I also like Haus Interior, which carries some of my products.

DM: And finally what are some of your favorite magazines and blogs?

NP: I read a lot of Apartment Therapy, as well as EntrepreneurInStyle and Food & Wine magazines.

The plates featured above are $45 each. Shop away.