February 25, 2013

Decor Boost from the Brooklyn Museum

Museums are always filled with inspiration for any home decor lover. I decided to pay a long overdue visit to the Brooklyn Museum recently to snap a few pics and get inspired to freshen up my pad before spring arrives.

Georgia O'Keefe's 'Brooklyn Bridge' (1949) topped off with Ray Komai's side chair (1949). This combo would be perfect for a home with a super modern design style.

So apparently this is what a mantel from 1882 looks like. I also loved those candelabras. I'll take it all!

This picture really doesn't do this "Iago's Mirror" justice. Designed by Fred Wilson, it's made of Murano glass and was absolutely stunning to see in person. 

On the subject of mirrors, I recently whipped up a sweet gallery wall in my living room and was so excited to see this one done with pretty mirrors and a few empty picture frames.

Now this is proof that cool fabric can transform the most basic thing in an instant, and skateboards are absolutely no exception.

I nearly passed out when I saw this Spacelander bike, which was designed in 1946/produced in 1960. It reminded me of how much I like hot pink, and so I'll definitely be on the hunt for a few accessories boasting this color. Nevermind that the color of the year is emerald.