February 6, 2013

Decluttering Bookshelves

Image via Pinterest - by the way, this quote is from the accomplished neurosurgeon Ben Carson. 
Read his book Gifted Hands if you never have.

A few weeks ago, I finally went ahead and condensed my book collection and was left with a heap of titles to give away. Giving always makes me feel amazing, and I can't wait to drop them off to my local Housing Works thrift shop. If you weren't aware, proceeds from its shops benefit people in need, including those affected by HIV and AIDS. (You can even arrange to have a furniture donation picked up from your home, which is so awesome).

We all have things around our home that are no longer of use to us, so take the time to gather them up to be donated for a good cause. I personally like donating to Housing Works, and I also shop there from time to time. I've found some amazing pieces of furniture and home accessories at my local store.

So although Housing Works is just one good option, with a little research I'm sure there are tons of other great organizations that could put your gently used items to work for the better. Design Sponge recently compiled a great list of places that accept donations and I find it to be very helpful.