January 31, 2013

Beauty Meets Decor: 3 Tips on Organizing a Medicine Cabinet

Photo: Martha Stewart

I've been on this organizing kick lately and need to make the time to freshen up my medicine cabinet. When it comes to getting a medicine cabinet in order, the key is to maximize space (that is if your cabinet is compact like mine). I was thinking of how I'm going to whip mine into shape and thought I'd share three quick pointers if you also need to get this job done.

1. Remove the clutter. This is so important in making a space as functional as can be. Only keep the products that you use on a daily basis. There's no need to have five face moisturizers and multiple tubes of toothpaste. Choose those you're using at the moment and stash the rest away for later use. Also scan the expiration dates on cosmetics and toss those that have reached their shelf life.

Photo: Into the Gloss

2. Gather a few canisters or jars. These are so useful for holding anything from Q-tips to toothbrushes. And for products that come in unsightly packaging (you know what I mean), there's no better way to make them look more presentable than by stashing them in a simple canister. I've found great options at the Container Store and Pottery Barn.

3. Think about placement. To save a little more time in your day, keep like items together and position them according to how they're used. So have your contact lens solution next to its case, your daily face cleanser near its moisturizer, all prescriptions together, and so on. Also think about which shelf is best for certain items. For example, the highest shelf in my cabinet has things like bandaids and face masks that I have no use for on a regular basis. The bottom shelves have the items I reach for every single day (vitamins, etc.).

Happy organizing!