December 19, 2012

Beauty Meets Decor: How to Organize Your Makeup

In addition to being a lover of interior design, I'm very much into staying on top of the latest beauty trends. If Nars launches yet another blush (my favorite is Exhibit A), you better believe I'm all over it. If I meet a friend for dinner and she shows up in a stunning red lipstick, I'm definitely asking about the color. And my Sephora Beauty Insider card is in frequent use. But to keep makeup fun, my stash needs to be organized. To do so, I rely on a few things.

1. Muji Acrylic Case (5 Drawers)

I'm not sure what I'd do without this case. It takes up very little space on my dresser and easily holds everything from my eye pencils to foundation. As you can see, I even use the top of it.

2. Pretty Vases, Cups and Glasses

As you've probably heard from any makeup lover, applying makeup well is about having great brushes.   I use Bdellium brushes, and now have my eye on sets from Sigma and Suqqu. Anyway, to keep them all in one place so I'm not scrambling when getting pretty, I use a number of simple vases and glasses that I've snagged at flea markets and even Target. As my stash multiplies, I'm going to use a Diptyque Baies candle as a holder.

3. A Good Tray Like Design Darling's Aqua Trellis Design
There are some items, like certain eyeshadow palettes, that I don't put in my Muji case for easy access. In those instances, I rest them on a pretty tray. I love this one from Design Darling, and it's only $40. 

Hope this helps. And check out my previous 'Beauty Meets Decor' posts.


Unknown said... Reply to comment

The Muji case I absolutely LOVE!! I have one of my own, and yes I use the top of it as well!

Decor Musings said... Reply to comment

@Simone Daniel It's so good! Thanks for reading. - Monique