April 6, 2012

Beauty Meets Decor: Inspiration from Nars' Exhibit A Blush

One of my latest must-have beauty products is the Exhibit A blush from Nars. When you first look at the color, you definitely feel a bit intimidated by how bright and pigmented it is. It seriously scared me for a very long time, but after hearing so many people rave about it, I had to put it to the test myself. And let me tell youI'm so glad I did. My only advice is to use it with caution. I can't stress this point enough. Since it's so pigmented, it's crucial that you apply it with a very, very light hand. Otherwise, you'll quickly look like a mad person with rosy red cheeks. Ha. (This happened to me the first time I played around with it.)

The gorgeous red color of Exhibit A led me to think about how fabulous this shade would look in a room. I'm not the kind of person to paint a room red, or even go for a red sofa. Instead, I like the idea of using a bright color like this for a major accessory of some kind. This led me to this photo of a New York bedroom with stunning red silk curtains. It's a bit exotic, has a luxurious feel and just screams, "Look at me." It's kind of how I feel when I'm wearing Exhibit A. It's that kind of party.
Photos: Elle Decor/William Waldron; narscosmetics.com