April 22, 2012

Beauty Meets Decor: Giorgio Armani's Eyes to Kill & The Glamourai's Home

For an evening look, I love a good smoky eye. While doing my usual run-through of all my favorite blogs today, I couldn't contain my excitement when I spotted a review of Giorgio Armani's Eyes to Kill eye shadow in Obsidian Black ($32) on crystalis007 (also one of my faves to watch on YouTube). The shadow has this intense, deep black color with just the right amount of shimmer, and it's just so gorgeous. I have to have it. Because it's the kind of shadow that makes such a bold statement, I'd keep the rest of my makeup super simple to give this beauty the full attention it deserves.

The black color of the shadow led me to reminisce about my favorite photo of an interior that uses black accent pieces really well without feeling drab at all. And that photo is of the place The Glamourai calls home. Her living room is styled to perfection and the decor could easily suit a man or woman without any issues at all, which can be quite hard to achieve at times. Don't you love it?

Photos: Eye shadow via crystalis007; interior photo via The Glamourai