March 21, 2012

How to Create Floral Arrangements

I invited Patricia Hall from London-based Serenata Flowers to share her pointers on creating stunning floral arrangements. Enjoy.

While flowers will always reflect an eternal sense of beauty, there is a component of current style and fashion to keep in mind. Here are some tips to consider to help make flowers really work for you.

Flowers are so beautiful, it can be tempting to cover everything in them! But it's worth standing back from time to time to make sure the pieces that have been chosen are there for a reason. When too many flowers are in one place, sometimes the centerpiece becomes too busy and the viewer's eye is unable to find a place to rest. Without some focal point, a creation like this can be missed or even dismissed by those who see it.

At the same time, it is better not to be too minimalist in your decorations. While that look can be graceful and classy, it is also somewhat familiar and uninteresting at this point. Adding a touch of excitement to your arrangements with a striking color or an area of abundance can really liven things up. For instance, you might have a group of small violets or roses in different colors at the bottom of the arrangement, with a large white orchid or lily above them.

When you choose the flowers for your arrangement, consider the way they fit with one another instead of just choosing the ones you like best. Having some kind of theme is important to design.

In the end, the arrangement should be made with intention. When you order flowers, it is because they will fulfill a purpose, and fit into the world that is being designed. The color and size of the blossom may be already assumed as important, but the shape of the petals, the extension of the leaves and stem, and the potential for singular versus grouped use have to be taken into account as well. The texture and "mood" of a flower will have as much impact on the environment created as the color, and limiting the variety of different forms can really streamline your creation.

Paying attention to color, texture and size, in blossom and body of the flower, and deciding on a few key attributes to accentuate, can bring together an elegant presentation.