March 27, 2012

Beauty Meets Decor: Tangerine Tango

We've all seen articles on how fashion translates to interiors, but I personally have yet to come across a feature on how interiors connect with beauty products. I'm super excited about this because not only am I a design junkie, but I love, love, love beauty products (high or low) as well. There's no better way to cover these two passions of mine than with a new weekly feature here on Decor Musings called "Beauty Meets Decor."

This brings me to my favorite color -- tangerine. Pantone named Tangerine Tango the color of the year, and for very good reasons. The hue is a pretty marriage of red and orange that I especially love to see in nail polish. Essie's Fifth Avenue is my favorite, but Sephora also released a fab collection of polish and other products dedicated to Pantone's color choice. Not only does the color take it to the next level in beauty, but it also works well in the home. Like the home featured here, I like to see tangerine with chocolate brown and beige, but it also works well when combined with navy, gray, turquoise, fuschia or even deep purple. It can be reserved just for accessories like a rug, a throw placed over a sofa or pillows. But if you're more adventurous, it could look great as an accent wall or a sofa. To me, it is a fashion-forward kind of color. Would you tango with tangerine?

P.S. for NYC residents, there's a Sephora and Pantone Universe Pop-Up Color Shop in the Meatpacking District, Chelsea Plaza, at 14th Street and 9th Ave. It's open through March 30. The hours are Tuesday & Wednesday from 10am - 10pm and Thursday and Friday from 10am - 9pm. 

Photos via Pantone, Sephora, Bibit Interior Architectural Studio