February 8, 2012

Wood Dresser Taken from Drab to Fab

I have something to admit. I'm not the biggest fan of taking on DIY projects mainly because I can be a bit impatient at times. But I recently met someone who made me rethink this. Vashaya Ramsey, who is releasing a line of false eyelashes in the spring (yes, beauty lovers enjoy home decor, too), managed to transform a drab wood dresser into a fab piece that's now one of the highlights of her Brooklyn bedroom.

She simply sanded the dresser down like you wouldn't believe.

Vashaya then applied a few coats of Mirror Mirror paint from the Martha Stewart Precious Metals collection. Once that had a chance to settle, she finished the job with a coat of polycrylic.

How cute is the final result? I wouldn't mind trying something like this. There really is nothing a quick paint job can't remedy.