January 27, 2012

On My Shelf: Kennedy Green House

I'll begin highlighting design books that I think are worthy of reading in my new "On My Shelf" series. I come across so many good titles all the time, and so this is the perfect way to share some of my recommendations.

For the first installment, it's all about Kennedy Green House by Robin Wilson, an interior designer who focuses on eco-friendly living. In Kennedy Green House, Robin reveals the process behind designing an environmentally-friendly home for Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and Mary Richardson Kennedy. Can you imagine being given this opportunity and the pressure that comes along with such a project? Nevertheless, Robin and her team rose to the occasion and were able to transform the Kennedys' home into a true model of good green design. The property is even Gold LEED-certified and so every aspect of the design process, from construction to the decorating phase, are infused with eco-friendly principles. If you're at all interested in learning more about what's involved in building a green home, be sure to check out this book. Thanks for sending it my way, Siena Media Group.


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