January 6, 2012

I'm Giving Away *10* Design Books!!

Guest what? I'm clearing out my bookshelves, which are loaded with an overwhelming number of interior design coffee-table books, and so I'm giving one lucky reader the chance to snag the 10 titles listed below. Yes, 10. Please note that of course I've flipped through the books very gently, but I promise, promise, promise that they're all just like new.

To enter this giveaway, leave a comment here that briefly explains one decorating tip you've learned from reading an interior design book and also follow me on Twitter via @decormusings (if you're not already doing so).

The deadline to enter is noon ET on Friday, Jan. 13. By the way, you must live in the good old U.S. of A. Good luck! I can't wait to pick a winner.

The 10 Books I'm Giving Away: 

Photo: Lonny


Tasha said... Reply to comment

From reading several design books, I have learned about color palettes & zen of each room. It is important the colors align with the feelings of the room. Also learned you can mix high end with low end pieces.

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

Odd numbers of items are appealing in display.
And yes, I'm a twitter follower!

Hanna said... Reply to comment

I have learned to not to be afraid of color and brighten up my home!

Kim L. said... Reply to comment

I learned how to incorporate many patterns together. You take a print, then find another print half that size, and the third must be a very small muted design. It creates a more collected over time feel.

kimberly.long at gmail dot com

Rashon Carraway said... Reply to comment

I love a good coffee table book!

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

Janet said... Reply to comment

Don't forget the 5th wall. My living room ceiling is painted an awesome saddel brown. I love it.

misstiffgreen said... Reply to comment

Take risks!

MikeMatt said... Reply to comment

Using brighter paint colors can open up a room

Lauren M. said... Reply to comment

I have learned that collecting different treasures from your travels is a good way to bring character to your home.


B.A.D I Blog About Design said... Reply to comment

Painting the ceiling a dark color does not make a room feel smaller!