January 4, 2012

Decorating Tips from a Prop Stylist

Sierra Baskind, prop stylist

When I attended the Pip & Estella pop-up shop in Brooklyn a few months ago, I happened to meet a  young lady by the name of Sierra Baskind who is an up-and-coming prop stylist. After speaking with her for a bit, I learned that she worked on a photo shoot for Rue magazine, which I love, so I had to set up some time to chat with her about her decorating tips. We recently had a fun conversation and here are some takeaways that you can try on your own at home, and be sure to check out her blog.

* Decorating should be functional but also needs to reflect your style.

* Never leave walls bare. Start with a large painting to anchor the room and take it from there. Gallery walls can work.

* Try reframing art. Sierra likes silver frames coupled with white mats or black frames with gray mats.

* Consider flea markets or stores like Target when decorating. You can always put in a little work to transform a piece to make it your own.

* Always bring a memento or two home from your travels. 

* For those on a budget, never compromise on a good bed. It's the one place where you'll spend a lot of time so it needs to be perfect. 

* Think about how you can repurpose items. For instance, when your candle has run its course, try using it to hold your makeup brushes. 

* Plants are a great way to make a room more lively and add a positive feeling to a room. 


Lauren M. said... Reply to comment

These are great tips! Thanks for sharing.


Decor Musings said... Reply to comment

@Lauren Glad you enjoyed the post. - Monique

Altheavibe said... Reply to comment

great tips.. I need help on sprucing up my studio..

Decor Musings said... Reply to comment

@Altheavibe Thanks. If you're in the NYC area and really do need further assistance with decorating, etc., feel free to email me at info@decormusings.com. I'd be happy to help. - Monique