December 3, 2011

First OpenSky Purchase: Kobo Candle

It's been a while since I've come across a retail website with a creative concept capable of capturing my interest to the point where I have to visit it multiple times a week. So when I heard about OpenSky, which allows you to take part in exclusive sales on food, health, fashion and design items curated by your favorite celebrities and well-known experts, I knew I had to investigate. And I have to say, it's a must-visit in my view. 

Naturally, my favorite section of OpenSky is design and since my first visit to the site, I've been back time and time again only to find home products endorsed by experts like Martyn Lawrence-Bullard, Michele Varian, Preston Bailey and more. I've spotted some cute cashmere throws, newly released coffee-table books (including Martyn's Live, Love, and Decorate), reclaimed wood picture frames, and pretty much any other kind of accessory one might need to jazz up a home.

OpenSky was kind enough to invite me to do a little shopping of my own, and I snagged a Kobo candle from Bradley Bayou in the Zapote scent, which is a lovely combination of passion fruit, echinacea and strawberry. It smells delicious and isn't overbearing. I've been burning it since the day it arrived in the mail.

If you haven't done so, take a look at OpenSky. I'm sure you'll find some home goodies worth buying.

Photo: via Apartment 48


Anonymous said... Reply to comment

I just joined, but haven't used it much yet. It's great to learn about new products though. This candle looks so pretty.

Decor Musings said... Reply to comment

@Jaclyn The candle really is pretty. Check it out.