June 27, 2011

Inside InteriorConnector: A Source for High-End Home Furnishings

Are you the kind of person who lives for discovering that one special item that makes your home unique? If so, you'll love InteriorConnector, a website that features high-end home furnishings from independent designers, boutiques and artisans. I recently caught up with InteriorConnector's founder, Beth Neuhaus, to learn about her inspiration for launching the site and her passion for the world of home design.  

Decor Musings: How did you come to launch InteriorConnector?
Beth Neuhaus: I practiced law for more than 20 years, but always had a passion for home design. I worked with a lot of wonderful interior designers over the years on my personal home projects, and as the Internet became more and more popular, I began handling my own sourcing. At the same time, as a corporate lawyer, I helped early-stage companies raise capital and I soon came to recognize that I wanted to start my own business.

DM: What does InteriorConnector offer?
BN: InteriorConnector is a virtual storefront for independent home design sources, whether it’s Carolina George or Palumbo/Anderssen Modern. I’m targeting consumers who are design devotees who feel empowered by discovering home products on their own.

DM: Your site has a great mix of commerce and editorial content, which feels very balanced.
BN: Yes, it’s important because you can have all of these wonderful products for sale, but without the editorial content, there’s no way to put them into context. We have a section called “Shop Stop,” where we tell the story of each of our vendors. We also cover trends in the home category. We've done stories on everything from animal prints to how to decorate a space around a specific piece of art. Then there's “Décor Basics,” where we feature interviews with designers and tastemakers in the luxury lifestyle space.

DM: How do you decide on what products to feature on the site?
BN: We look for high-end home furnishings that have a distinct look. They can range from any period of styles.

DM: What kinds of design trends are you now seeing?
BN: People are becoming more and more empowered every day from the Internet and all of the home design-focused television shows out now. They are learning that you don’t have to be rich and famous to be exposed to great design. Great design has become more accessible to people. You can design your home and have one really fabulous piece of art that makes the space special, for instance. That's the goal of InteriorConnector. We want to help people find these special pieces for their home.

DM: What’s next for InteriorConnector?
BN: Our initial launch was in the New York metro area. We’ll be launching in Miami soon and Atlanta will follow suit. We're also looking forward to having an international presence as well because our audience includes people from all over the world.


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Great interview. Interesting read.

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@Harry Hilders Thank you!