June 22, 2011

How Couples Can Solve Their Decorating Dilemmas

                                                       Amy Larocca and husband Will Frears at home. Photo: Max Kim-Bee

Decorating a home both you and your spouse can fully enjoy is no easy feat. It takes workand compromisebut you can get it done with little to no stress. Follow these easy tips to get started.

Be honest. The first step in decorating your home together is to be very clear about what you both like and dislike. Do you go for more of an Anthropologie vibe, and your spouse is partial to BoConcept? Are there certain colors, fabrics or furniture either of you absolutely need to see in your home? Is there one piece of art that holds special meaning for you, and so you must have a space for it in the living room? This will all save you time when shopping around.

Compromising is key. Of course, it's not possible to witness every single piece of your decorating plan come to fruition and that's completely fine. Your partner may not be too crazy about your ever-growing collection of vintage picture frames or the hand-me-down sofa from your great aunt (that's clearly run its course). Whatever it is, know the battles worth fighting for, and try to reach a solution you both can live with.

Shop, shop, shop around. Nothing beats visiting furniture stores or flea markets together to see how you both respond to certain items. It's one of the best ways to gain a better understanding of each of your decorating tastes and even pinpoint how much you're both willing to spend on different items.

Designate duties. In some instances, it might be beneficial to give one person complete control over decorating particular areas of the home. Maybe the person who will be using the kitchen the most should decorate it, right? The same for the entertainment room and so on. You should consult with each other throughout the decorating process, of course, but the ultimate decision can be left up to the person in charge.

Happy decorating!