May 9, 2011

Small, Easy Ways to Give Your Home New Energy

We're all pressed for time, so while at home, it's all about relaxing in a comfortable, stylish pad. Try these five no-stress tips to breathe some new life into your space in just no time at all.

Plants: Not only are plants great for purifying air quality, there's something about taking in nature while indoors that really can do wonders for your spirit. Ferns and palms are my top choices.

Colorful Accessories: It can be as simple as buying a lamp with a colorful base as seen above, or opting for colorful accessories like picture frames, pillows or pottery to set on a coffee table.

New Paint Color: If you've been stuck with the same old neutral paint color for years, go bold with a new shade that is on the opposite end of what you'd normally choose. Going outside of your comfort zone will not only make you see your home in a new light, it can give you an energy boost as well. Change is good.

Artwork/Photos: I live for moving artwork from room to room and switching out family photos to keep things interesting. And it's so much better than running out to buy something new every time you're seeking a new look.

Photo: Bear-Hill Interiors via Coco + Kelley