April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Home Inspiration: Lace

Lace is back, as evident from Kate Middleton's wedding dress. The trend has long been spotted in home products over the years and for very good reasons. From bedding to throw pillows, it's a fabric that can add just the right touch of elegance wherever you need it in your space. Get your taste of the royal life with these home pieces.

Kate Middleton's much-awaited wedding dress made of lace. Photo: People.com

Charisma "Kalia" Lace Sheets, Neiman Marcus, $135

       Primadonna Shower Curtain, Victorian Trading Co., $49.95

 Winnifred Antique Lace Pillow, Ralph Lauren, $175


Elli Davis said... Reply to comment

Oh yes, lace is definitely back! I'm not a huge fan of Kate's dress, however. She has a great figure, really, but I feel like the dress just didn't fit her well. She can do better.

Decor Musings said... Reply to comment

@Elli Davis It's not everyone's fave but can't deny deny that lace is on-trend right now though.