February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Table Settings

Don't stress yourself out with over-the-top table settings for your Valentine's Day dinner at home. Grab a bunch of pink and red carnations from your local florist, throw a bag of Sweethearts candies or Red Delicious apples into a bowl (preferably crystal), and pick up two red cloth napkins to create the perfect evening. And don't forget a candle or two--they always make everything feel that much more special. Check out these fun images for some additional V-Day inspiration:


Better Homes and Gardens

Via Designs 4 Living



Elli Davis said... Reply to comment

Very true. I like to have specific decor for all the holidays but seriously, we shouldn't put too much time and energy into V-day. It's a nice day, yes, but overdecorating is sometimes worse than no decor at all. Thanks for the tips!I guess a vase full of red/pink flowers will do the job, too.