October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Thanksgiving Wreath

Who doesn't love seeing all the pumpkins around and gearing up for Thanksgiving? This 'Pumpkin Patch' wreath ($85) from EcoChicNYC's Etsy shop could serve as the perfect welcome for your visitors this season. And if you're not the type to hang a wreath on the door, it could even work as part of your table decor for Thanksgiving dinner. Place it in the middle of the table and fill the center of the wreath with candles in orange, burgundy and ivory.

October 22, 2010

Inside the Living Room of The Glamourai's Kelly Framel

It's always exciting to see how fashionistas decorate their homes, and Kelly Framel from the popular fashion blog The Glamourai went with a black-and-white color scheme in her living room that works on so many levels. It's not super feminine, has a nice dose of glam with the gold accents from the coffee table to the deer sculpture, and a modern vibe that still feels welcoming. Love, love, love.

Green Cleaning Discount

GreenHouse Eco-cleaning is offering a great discount on its green cleaning service. Get green cleaning on any three rooms for just $69. The offer expires on October 31st or for the first 50 people who purchase, so act fast. Learn more.

October 20, 2010

Five Decorating Don'ts

When decorating a home, no matter how small, these are the top five no-no's to try avoiding:

1. Have all your wood furniture in the same color family (a mix of wood pieces can demonstrate more of your personality and is more interesting to the eye)

2. Fill every single wall in a room with artwork (it can be overwhelming and start to make a space feel crowded)

3. Do away with throw pillows on a sofa (too comfy not to have)

4. Crowd a nightstand with things you don't use or enjoy seeing every day (you want to start the day on a positive note)

5. Ignore your lightswitch covers (why not switch these out from time to time to mix things up in a room? it'll only cost you a few bucks at your local hardware store and paying attention to a small detail like this goes a long way)

October 10, 2010

Fall Decorating with Jabbour Linens

Cairo towel. $13-$185.

I invited Jabbour Linens to share some ideas on decorating your home for fall, if you haven't already. Enjoy!

The Bedroom
In the summer, depending on your body temperature, you either sleep in cool sheets or a lightweight blanket. In the fall, chances are you will want to use both. Start your bedding with soft, luxurious sheets and add a goose down damask comforter that is a medium weight for warmth. It’s a good idea to update your pillows every now and then so that you get a more comfortable night’s sleep and can help keep allergies under control. You’ll be surprised at how comfortable a down alternative pillow can be and how much better you’ll feel after resting your head on one.

You can bring the feeling of fall into your bedroom décor by using chocolate-colored sheets and a neutral bedding cover. Add a little bit of spice to your bedroom décor by using an orange cover. If you prefer a more modern feel, use a white comforter and let the color of the sheets peek through the top edge of the comforter.

Fiorentina sheets. $88 and up.

The Bathroom
Few things feel as wonderful as stepping out of a warm bath and wrapping yourself in a plush towel. Update your old towels with new fall-inspired ones with chocolate brown or olive green detailing. You can update your guest towels and bathmat to match your bath towels and complete the look.

The Dining Room
Table linens are wonderful décor accessories that help change the look and feel of a dining area theme. Add a subtle tablecloth or one with a leaf pattern to your dining room table. Keep the colors of fall in mind and choose a golden, brown or orange tablecloth. If you use placemats or cloth napkins, you can mix and match the colors for a more colorful and unique look. Just imagine the glow of a golden tablecloth topped with a range of placemats and napkins.

The Den
Linens in the den? Unless the room includes a small table that needs a tablecloth, many people don’t think of needing linens in the den. However, if you like to cozy up while watching a movie, it’s always nice to have a throw nearby to keep warm. Our favorite this fall is the Mohair throw because it’s warm, soft and available in many different solid colors and color combinations.

Mohair throw. To order, call 516-674-9526.

R. Jabbour & Sons first opened its doors in New York City over 80 years ago. Passed through four generations of family, R. Jabbour & Sons continues to be a trusted and highly knowledgeable resource for the finest bed, bath, and table linens. Its loyal following of customers rely on the utmost attention to detail and service.