August 3, 2010

Fall Home Decor Preview

Since summer is sadly winding down, let's get to a few things you should start thinking about now to update your home for the fall season in the coming weeks:

COLORS: Begin deciding on the major colors you'd like to showcase in every room. Do you always associate fall with orange, but personally don't like the color anywhere near you living area? Maybe you'd prefer a maroon shade instead then. If you decide on these kind of elements now, you'll save yourself time in the end.

TEXTURE: During the cooler months, you won't find me without a blanket, comforter or some kind of throw. Start scouring your favorite websites to get a feel for the kind of blanket you want to buy. There's nothing like one in a luxurious fabric.

BOOKS: We all have a stack of books that we haven't gotten around to reading as yet. If your bookshelves are still filled with a ton of beach novels and lighter fare, you might want to switch these out for the more serious books you're planning to read in the fall. And don't forget to accompany your books with personal items like photos, vases and other sentimental treasures, as they always do a good job of giving shelves some life.

More fall home decor tips to come...

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