March 28, 2010

New Books for the Coffee Table

Great photography is what you want in a home decor coffee-table book and these don't disappoint at all.

Living with What You Love, Monica Rich Kosann ($30)

Have you ever agonized over how a certain item makes sense for your home? You love it but it doesn't quite go with your current set up? That's the idea behind this book. It breaks down how to display everything from family possessions to your favorite collectibles. These are the things that create special memories for yourself and your family, the author says. You just have to to do it in a smart and creative way, and this guide can show you how.

French Country Style at Home, S├ębastien Siraudeau ($34.95)

I enjoy looking at books that showcase French-inspired interiors. It's not easy working vintage finds into a space, and this guide illustrates how it's done correctly and beautifully. The photos really do make you want to book a trip to France.

Perfect Porches, Paula S. Wallace ($35)

When a vacation isn't around the corner for you, the next best thing to do is to take in relaxing photos such as the ones featured in this new book on outdoor living. There are more than 250 stunning photos of porches ranging from a farm setting to a more urban environment. Who knew that there could be so many creative takes on porches?

American Modern, Thomas O'Brien ($50)

This is the first book for O'Brien, the brain behind the Aero design studio/store in New York City. He guides you from the traditional modern style of decorating right down to his view of vintage modern. Along the way are great anecdotes of his design process on a number of different projects. The personal experiences weaved into this book make it all the more inviting.