February 7, 2010

Home Essentials

Everyone has their own list of things that they believe should be in every home. Here's my take...

A cozy blanket or comforter.

Votives for the dinner table (adds an element of charm to any meal).

Crisp, white sheets (the best feeling in the world).

Great silverware (you can never go wrong without this and it really does last forever).

A large mirror for getting dressed (nothing's fun about getting a good look at your outfit from a teeny-sized mirror).

A great piece of art that speaks to your character (it's about what you and you alone like--forget about following trends when it comes to buying art since we all know they come and go).

Liquid handsoap for the bathroom (Method makes a great one packaged in a cute bottle) as well as towels for drying hands.

Mrs. Meyers household cleaners (lavender and lemon verbena are the best from the line in my opinion).

A chaise for reading, rest and relaxation (the perfect thing for a Sunday indoors).

Coasters (because beverage marks on the coffee table are so unsightly and can be hard to remove at times).

Flashlights w/ batteries, hammer and nails (flashlights for when the power goes out suddenly, hopefully, not often, and a hammer and nails since something always needs to be fixed or hung on the wall).

Greenery (a plant or flowers)