October 28, 2009

Rugs for the Season

What better season to replace a rug than in the fall? If you take the time to browse online and in your favorite home stores, you can find one for just about every style and budget. Here are some good options to consider:

Pier 1 Jute Rug ($49.95 - $159.95)
The chocolate border is a nice accent to the natural color and jute is known for being durable.

ABC Carpet and Home Shag Rug ($449). I always tend to stay away from super dark hues when it comes to rugs, but this shag rug would make me do away with my policy. The olive shade is warm and the best part--it will do wonders masking stains.

Chris Madden Artisan Rug ($49.99-$419.99, JCPenney). This floral print is also available in dark red and comes in a few different shapes. It's elegant and although the design is intricate, it won't takeover a room.