October 22, 2009

Getting in Order

I'm constantly working to find a good system to keep things organized at home, not just because I believe your physical space impacts your mindset, but because having great organizational skills saves you tons of time. And I'm all about saving time to do more of what makes me happy. Most of us could probably do a better job of keeping our paper in order, so check out the items I'm personally eyeing to kick my organizational skills up a notch:

See Jane Work Basics File Box ($20). The lime-green fabric would look great in just about any office, and it's the perfect size for hanging folders.

Target's Tapered Canvas Bin with Suede Trim ($12.99). I would use something like this to keep my mail all in one place. Stylish and easy to access. It's not available online, so you'll have to make the trip to the store to purchase.

Safco Wood Vertical Sorter ($54.99, Staples). This could work really well on a desk that's of a good size. It would be easy to see exactly what's filed in all the compartments and the wood finish is a nice touch.