September 5, 2009

Items That Make My Happy Home

Everyone has a set of items that make their home feel special. Here are a few things I adore:

Savon de Marseille Handsoap in Olive Lavande
Most soaps dry out my hands. This one is super gentle and the light smell of lavender is a nice treat.

Votivo Candle in Island Grapefruit
It has the most beautiful scent. I feel like I'm on vacation whenever it's lit.

Ikea's Willow Baskets
I have them in every size throughout my apartment. There's one in my bedroom closet, which I use to hold accessories. Another under my bathroom shelf for cosmetics. One under the kitchen sink. You get the picture. I live by these.

Flea Market Bird Painting
I found a charming little bird painting in a crowded antique store in Brooklyn last summer for just $20. It's now in my bedroom and is the first thing I see when waking up. I just love it. Every detail of the painting, including the frame, is just gorgeous to me. (Photo above)